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Upon approving the final product, we carry the design through turn-key manufacturing, production, and packaging solutions. 

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Design Development

By understanding the user, use case, and use case scenario for the product, design work can begin from a conceptual standpoint. These ideas can be expressed through design sketching and computer rendering. Exploring in this visually collabrative environment can spark more discussion and bring out the best solution for your idea.


Before any product hits the market, physical prototypes are passed down for inspection purposes. We facilitate production parts for proof-of-concept, testing, and demonstration purposes. Manufacturing can also provide pre-production parts and assemblies in order to assure full confidence.


Circuit Design

Over 20 years of experience has given the Oracle team the proper knowledge of executing circuitry for lighting. Providing a portfolio of LED options, Oracle circuit boards can be custom built or be implemented into production parts. 


With concrete designs in place, engineering can make your ideas a reality. Working along with 3D modeling, they fine tune an idea to the point of being production ready. 


3D Modeling

With the use of computer aided design (CAD), product ideas can start to have more dimensional attributes. Oracle Design Lab has a wide variety of software and library resources to help this process move in a quick manner. 3D modeling offers a unique way to build and demo your product.